[CentOS] [OT] Network switches

Mon Mar 23 13:25:31 UTC 2009
Scott McClanahan <smcclanahan at forterrainc.com>

I'm looking to acquire a few new core switches for our network which
would be a major upgrade from the cheap unmanaged things we currently
have.  Basically, just users, servers, and other simple network devices
will be plugged into them but I'd like to start doing some testing with
iSCSI for various non-production reasons.  I have no allegiance to a
particular vendor although I do have a Cisco background.  I'd like them
to be at least 10/100/1000 (no need for power over ethernet) and include
many of the features that are most important to me in a managed switch,

* vlans
* mstp or some well established form of per vlan spanning tree
* acl's
* port mirroring or what cisco calls span sessions
* snmp
* ssh enabled remote management
* support w/ updates and bugfixes

I need at least 48 ports per device and obviously would like them to be
"fast".  Most importantly, I'd like to know what you guys prefer as
operations dudes and what pitfalls to avoid.  Also, are there other
features you folks would demand to have in your switches that I haven't
mentioned?  I can provide more information if you'd like.  Thanks.

Oh, cost is sort of an issue (small/medium sized business) but right now
insight from you guys is what's important and I can work out the cost
issue later.  Thanks again.