[CentOS] ISPConfig & local administration

Wed Mar 25 21:52:40 UTC 2009
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

Hi list,

    I recently installed a package for Centos5.2 called ISPConfig.  This 
was recommended by a buddy of mine who hosts a number of websites for 
various clients.  Although I don't host any websites except my own, 
there were some features in the package that I did like the looks of.  
Well, today, I needed to add a new user and group, so while the machine 
was sitting here, I attempted to use the gui to adduser.  For some 
reason, the process hung and never did come up.  I called my buddy about 
that and he told me we ran through that same scenario with his machine 
some time back, but I had forgotten about it.  The processes were shown 
in a ps ax as being ready to run, but again, nothing appeared on the 
monitor.  I suspect the ispconfig somehow disables some of, if not all 
the built in adminstrative functions of the Centos gui, but hoped 
someone could prove / disprove this fact.  It's rather irritating to go 
thru a manual user creation for me, as cli is not my strong point under 
Centos.   I wound up using webmin to create the user and set the group 
for the gempak user, and then manually edited the list of allowed users 
in the gempak group.

    One thing of note, and not sure it even matters, but I got some 
messages like this... "Resolved address 
"xml:readonly:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory" to a read-only 
configuration source at position 0.  Then, it wrote out the same thing 
for position 1 and position 2, with then a warning that python-dbus not 
installed.  I do know there apparently is a difference in python-dbus 
and dbus-python. 

Thanks for any input..