[CentOS] 64bit Python 32bit c library ...

Fri Mar 27 05:48:14 UTC 2009
Ben <abnormaliti at clivepeeters.com.au>

I have a closed-source 32bit database application running on a 64bit 
CentOS 5.2 system which is running very well however i am looking at 
developing some python applications that require access to the data and 
the vendor only provides a 32bit c library.

So while attempting to utilize the library in python with ctypes it 
became obvious that the 64bit python cannot use the 32bit c library.

So what are my choices?

1. is there a way to use the 32bit library in 64bit python i haven't found?
2. install 32bit python on the 64bit system.  'yum list python.i386' 
shows that 32bit python is not available.
3. manually compile and install 32bit python and _ALL_ its libraries 
under /opt.  has someone already done this? are the RPMs available?

let me just say that i am no python expert, yet, so bare with me.

Any help would be appreciated.