[CentOS] Fail2Ban

Mon Mar 2 01:53:39 UTC 2009
Linux Advocate <linuxhousedn at yahoo.com>

> >  
> Actually, it is a rather OS dependent package and the rules for CentOS 
> are difficult to write. That really doesn't belong on the fail2ban list 
> either.

i have a basic fail2ban with tcp-wrappers & /etc/hosts.deny  combo working. i couldnt get the iptables thing working properly.

> You don't need shorewall, just the standard CentOS firewall works fine. 
> Just be sure to only enable iptables rules. I have rules working for 
> several things. SSH attempts, Dovecot attempts and a rule to block based 
> on my Spamhaus setup so that the same spammer doesn't keep loading up 
> sendmail with DNS queries. 

john, could u share your rules for the dovecot attempts?t