[CentOS] Deleting Large Files

Mon Mar 2 08:34:55 UTC 2009
Kay Diederichs <kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de>

Joseph L. Casale schrieb:
> I have an issue with a busy CentOS server exporting iSCSI and NFS/SMB shares.
> Some of the files are very large, and when they get deleted IO climbs to an
> unacceptable rate. Is there a way to purge a file with little to no IO
> overhead on ext3?
> Thanks!
> jlc

Have you tried to delete locally, instead of over NFS?

Maybe by deleting over SMB from a Windows machine, the file is not 
deleted but rather moved to a "Trash" folder on a different disk (which 
would explain the I/O)? (Same could happen with a Unix desktop, like KDE)

Have you tried the "unlink" command instead of "rm" ?