[CentOS] Cannot open port 631 for Cups printer sharing

Mon Mar 2 18:46:19 UTC 2009
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 13:21 -0500, b.j. mcclure wrote:

> > 
> > Ok the version I have running is directly from the hplip website. It is
> > not the CentOS Distro version.  This actually brings up something of
> > which I really believe that upstream has modified the code (backports
> > etc). What is extremly strange is that I could not get any HP printers
> > to function correctly with the hplip rpm from Upstream. So what I done
> > was down load the binary from HP, thus far I have not have any problems.
> > There is a newer version on the site than I have running. Why I don't
> > have the newest is, for some strange reason it does not want to work
> > right.
> > http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html 
> > You can try this but it want solve the your current problem of knowing
> > why it want work. Ultimately file a bug report as both of you are having
> > the same problem and none seems to have an answer.
> I just called and had the printer (hplaserjet 1300) reconnected to the
> old server and it works fine with hplip ver. 1.6.7 so I don't think it's
> hplip.  Both machines are identical except for motherboard, ram and
> drives, none of which should be in the picture here AFAIK.  Even had the
> cat5 cable switched between the two boxes with no change.  Don't think I
> have ever seen a port closed with the firewall down and a service
> running on it before.  You may be right, it may be a bug but I've done
> this so many times on centos 5 without this issue.  Thanks for all your
> help.  I'll keep plugging at it and if all else fails try another
> install.

Just for kicks have you tried to restart the services? Now that I read
in a bug report that for the ipp port to open up cups had to be
restarted. That was on like cups 1.2 or 1.4  I believe but should not
affect you.  Last thing that comes to mind is possibly a previous admin
black listed that port 631.