[CentOS] cups & hp-toolbox

Mon Mar 2 19:53:50 UTC 2009
Roger Wells <ROGER.K.WELLS at saic.com>

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 02 March 2009 16:12:04 Roger Wells wrote:
>> Thanks for responding.
>> I guess I would be a little surprised to expect  a regression like that.
>> After all both CUPS and hp-toolbox are installed in CentOS 5.2 right out
>> of the box.
>> I also have an HP C6180 and I think that getting past this is necessary
>> before its scanner
>> will be recognized. At least the scanner is not recognized yet by the
>> CentOS Gnome "Scanner Tool"
> It sounds to me as though this is an hplip problem.  The version in CentOS is 
> not the latest, and doesn't support recent printers out-of-the-box.  ISTR that 
> I had to grab the relevant ppd file from one of my other boxes (or the 
> Internet, of course) and feed that to CUPS, after which hplip could see my 
> printer and scanner.  (Mine is a PhotoSmart 7180).
Thanks Anne,
I did discover that I was running a newer version of hplip on the old 
RHEL4 installation.  I have now downloaded and
installed the latest hplip and hp-setup won't even run.  So I am 
tracking that down now.  There were a number of
missing "optional" dependencies.

> Anne
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