[CentOS] 32 or 64 bit (4 gb ram)

Tue Mar 3 22:15:28 UTC 2009
Florin Andrei <florin at andrei.myip.org>

Dnk wrote:
> Is there any real advantage to using 64 bit when I am right at the 4gb  
> ram threshhold? Nice plans to add more ram.
> The machine will just be a backup machie (rsync).

For a server type of thing, 64 bit is usually perfect.

32 bit is sometimes a better deal on desktops, but even there the 
situation is changing. Maybe this year I'll use 64 bit on my desktop(s) 
for the first time, as it seems most of the lingering problems are being 
solved, finally.

Florin Andrei