[CentOS] HPLIP 3.9.2

Thu Mar 5 17:51:59 UTC 2009
Roger Wells <ROGER.K.WELLS at saic.com>

Thanks Anne,
I look forward to what you com up with.

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 05 March 2009 12:26:21 Roger Wells wrote:
>>> As I wrote elsewhere, it doesn't need to be so bleeding edge.  I have a
>>> stock 5.2 install.  My Photosmart 7180 was not supported.  I downloaded
>>> the relevant .ppd and pointed CUPS and hplip to it, and printing worked
>>> after that.
>> How about scanning?
> Sorry for the delay - I  had to go out.
> Last month the village had severe power problems, and my server's (CentOS) 
> ~/.kde was completely trashed.  It broke a lot of things, and I'm only still 
> finding and correcting them.  However...
> It seems that I got printing working through CUPS, but didn't get around to 
> re-installing hplip.  I tried to, using the supplied version, but it did not 
> find the installed printer.  I then tried the hplip-3.9.2.run - presumably 
> left over from the last install?  Anyway, it flagged up a couple of 
> dependencies which I fixed, then got to libusb.  Libusb is installed, but it 
> couldn't find it.  And there I stuck.
> I don't have time to do any more on this today, but I'll get back to you 
> if/when I get it sorted.  I may have to ask a question on-list about why it 
> can't see the package (or is this another case of too early a version?).  I'll 
> see what I can do.
> FWIW, the version running on this Mandriva 2009 laptop is 2.8.7 - that gives 
> me all the print tools, but fails to find the scanner.  My Fedora 10 netbook 
> has 2.8.12-6.fc10 - and works, including the scanner, both from the hp-toolbox 
> and from applications.  I have a feeling that this 2.8.12 is the version that 
> I installed manually a long time ago, being the earliest that could support 
> the PhotoSmart 7180.  Tomorrow I'll try to find the packages for that, and see 
> whether I can install that on the CentOS box.
> Anne
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