[CentOS] Creating an alternitive install CD for CentOS 5.2 (w/ patched mkinitrd)

Sat Mar 7 23:44:46 UTC 2009
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

Robert Heller wrote:
> At Sat, 07 Mar 2009 11:59:02 -0600 CentOS mailing list <centos at centos.org> wrote:
>> R P Herrold wrote:
>>> Here is the fallout: The poor end user 'knows' it was CentOS, 
>>> because she was told by the respinner that it is 'CentOS with 
>>> just one package replaced'.  Who gets the black eye here? 
>>> Who bears the support load of sorting out what happened when 
>>> the poor hurt user shows up in what she thinks is the correct 
>>> support venue, barely able to describe her VOIP turnkey box's 
>>> operation?
>>> The answer is, of course, the main mother-ship CentOS project 
>>> folks.
>>> And it is not right that people do this to us, but it is also 
>>> hard to stop.  Probably the only real solution is to enforce 
>>> the CentOS trademark on the art and brand packages, and 
>>> prohibit respins containing such (just as the upstream does).
>>> Sad, but true.
>>> There is a reason the core CentOS group are skittish about 
>>> respins.  We'll have to discuss this seriously.
>> I can see your point about the brand value you have embedded into the 
>> packages, but it also seems wrong to make everyone who wants to improve 
>> it or adapt to some additional purpose repeat all the rebranding work 
>> from scratch.
> Or deal with a 'show stopping bug', like the known problem with
> mkinitrd. I have no interest in rebranding anything or even
> redistributing my 'replacement' CD (I'll probably toss the replacement
> CD once I get the install done).  I just want to install CentOS on a
> system with pre-existing software RAID disks -- I am migrating a server
> from Ubuntu to CentOS 5 and I don't want to lose prexisting data, so
> simply wiping the disks and installing on bare partitions is not an
> option (and even then I'd want to use LVM for some things, and even
> without RAID, LVM will also send mkinitrd off into never, never land --
> basically anything the fires up /dev/mapper/... will do it: RAID, LVM,
> cryptfs, all seem to do this). 
>> How hard would it be to generate an 'unbranded' drop in replacement 
>> package for everything specifically Centos - or a framework so others 
>> could share the work?  That way everyone who needed to replace a driver 
>> wouldn't have to repeat all this work unless they wanted to create their 
>> own unique brand identity.
>> If you think respins containing Centos branding are wrong, make it easy 
>> to to the right thing.
tried nodmraid on the kernel boot line?
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