[CentOS] Creating an alternitive install CD for CentOS 5.2 (w/ patched mkinitrd)

Sun Mar 8 19:15:52 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Richard Karhuse wrote:
> Last time I added a DVD burner to my Build system, it cost $29 (USD) and
> this was for a very good, reliable unit.  Not worth my time and immense
> hassle to do otherwise ....

indeed.  Samsung 22X DVD-R burner, SATA for $25

IDE for $23

those are very reliable, fast, and good drives.   My previous DVD 
burners, including a Lite-On, a TDK, and a Pioneer, took much longer to 
'recognize' a new disk, whether it was blank, factory recorded, or 
dvd-r, the samsung picks it up in a second.   The burns I've made from 
this drive read reliably on a wide range of equipment, even if I burn at 
CAV (16X) instead of CLV (<= 8x).  

Note my experience has been that the average life expectancy of a dvd 
burner is about 400-500 full disk burns, after that they seem to get 
increasingly flakey.   my current Samsung is on its third tub of 100 blanks.