[CentOS] Memory vs. Display Card

Mon Mar 9 10:08:31 UTC 2009
Rick <ellis at spinics.net>

In article <f4e013870903082220s772af2d7o22c9686d6f1347e9 at mail.gmail.com>,
MHR  <centos at centos.org> wrote:

>2) Your answer above was not clear: did the 4GB work by itself without
>the other 2GB?  If so, the above is your problem.  If not, you're in
>deeper guano that you think, BUT:

The 4GB had the same problem with and without the 2GB.

>Also, by "running in 64-bit mode" (previous reply), do you mean that
>your are running the 32-bit PAE kernel or the x86_64 kernel?

It's x86_64.