[CentOS] Clonezilla SE with CentOS5

Mon Mar 9 13:42:07 UTC 2009
Thomas Johansson <thomasj at isy.liu.se>

Sorin Srbu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a cloning solution for our Windows/Linux/*nix computer park
> and ran into Clonezilla. Apparantely the DRBL and other documentation
> mentions CentOS as a suitable base for it.
> Does anybody on this list use this solution and can say something about it
> in the running-Clonezilla-with-CentOS-context, be it recommendations,
> gotchas', warnings or whatever?

We have a standalone network cloning laptops using clonezilla. The 
person using it says it does what it is supposed to.

The install was pretty much by the instructions on the webpage. The 
computer we use have an extra NIC for a private clone network. We also 
installed an extra HDD  500GB for clone image storage.

What i did was pretty much;

   1. Configure nic on eth1 to
   2. Add packages dkms dkms-fuse dkms-ntfs3g dkms-ntfs
      fuse-ntfs-3g-devel fuse-ntfs-3g
          * /yum install dkms dkms-fuse dkms-ntfs3g dkms-ntfs
            fuse-ntfs-3g-devel fuse-ntfs-3g/
   3. /Modify ///etc/sysconfig/iptables/ according to Clonezilla server
   4. Install Clonezilla following Clonezilla server install
   5. Configure the server according to the webpage