[CentOS] LSI Logic MegaRAID 8480 Storage controller

Wed Mar 11 14:26:39 UTC 2009
Joseph L. Casale <JCasale at activenetwerx.com>

>+ /home/drew/bin/MegaCli -AdpPRSetDelay 168 -a0
>^MInvalid input at or near token -AdpPRSetDelay
>Doesn't like the syntax

Looks like the manual is outdated, you should have
ran a -h :)

Turns out this is the correct syntax:

MegaCli -AdpPR -Dsbl|EnblAuto|EnblMan|Start|Stop|Info|{SetDelay Val} 

MegaCli -AdpPR -SetDelay X -a0
where X is between 0 and 65535...