[CentOS] Cannot get CentOS to install

Wed Mar 11 20:30:44 UTC 2009
Michael Peterson <mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> Michael Peterson wrote:
>> The hardware is P4 2.8 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 120GB 3ware IDE/PATA RAID HD, 
>> ATI Video, CDRW CD, Dual Nic, Floppy and IDE/PATA Tape drive.
> probably more important than any of the data you've given there is, what 
> chipset on the mainboard, which 3ware card, and what dual NIC chips ?
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The Live CD of 5.2 works with out kernel parameters and gives no errors 
but the install CD will not boot GUI or Text.

The Chipset is Intel.
The 3ware card is Escalade 7000-2
The NIC chips are both internal Intel 82557 Pro 100 as per the Live CD 
hwconf file.