[CentOS] pop3 attack

Fri Mar 13 18:49:19 UTC 2009
Michel van Deventer <michel at van.deventer.cx>


> RR charges you an extra $50/mo for static ip! I don't have many other
> choices for a decent high speed connection. DSL is too slow in my area. 
We have some ISP's here in the Netherlands which have spam relayed
through their mailservers, which gives the same problem, blacklisted
smarthosts of big ISPs.
One way to get around it is to get yourself a VPS (virtual private
server) for a small amount ($20/month?) and set up your own
'smarthost' (maybe together with some friends/coworkers?). You can then
even use a non-standard port to relay your mail through it and even
encrypt if you wish. 
I have my smarthost set up at such a server because my laptop goes
around different networks and isps and I don't want to change my
configuration every time :)