[CentOS] Streaming video with Centos 5.2...how to?

Tue Mar 17 16:13:34 UTC 2009
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Thiago Avelino <thiagoavelinoster at gmail.com>
> VLS = http://www.videolan.org/doc/streaming-howto/en/
> 2009/3/17 Gilbert Sebenste :
> > I am a noob to streaming video, and I have a file I'd like to stream (a
> > .wmv file...sorry. ;-)  ). In any case, how can I do this on my website
> > using Centos 5.2 and Apache 2.2.8, rather than making people download a
> > 20 MB video? Can someone point me to some URL's and some software?

There is also ffserver from ffmpeg.
Or convert the video to flv and put a flashplayer on your website...
A popular one is JW FLV Media Player.