[CentOS] connecting 2 servers using an FC card via iSCSI

Wed Mar 18 22:56:22 UTC 2009
Erick Perez <eaperezh at gmail.com>

Nate, Ross. Thanks for the information. I now understand the difference.

Ross: I cant ditch MSSS since it is a government purchase, so I *must* use
it until something breaks and budget is assigned and maybe in 2 years we can
buy something else. the previous boss purchased this equipment and i guess
an HP EVA, Netapp or some other sort of NAS/SAN equipment was better suited
for the job...but go figure!.

Nate: The whole idea is to use the MSSServer and connect serveral servers to
it. it has 5 available slots so a bunch of cards can be placed there.

I think (after reading your comments) that i can install 2 dual port 10gb
netcards in the MSSS, configure it for jumbo frames (9k) and then put 10gb
netcards on the servers that will connect to this MSSS and also enable 9k
frames. All this of course, connected to a good 10gb switch with a good
backplane. Im currently using 1Gb so switching to fiber at 1Gb will not
provide a lot of gain.

using IOMeter we saw that we will not incurr in IOWait due to slow hard

we just cant trash the MSSS....sorry Ross.

Erick Perez
Cel +(507) 6675-5083
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