[CentOS] Being Green, Time to make the servers sleep!

Thu Mar 19 14:03:49 UTC 2009
Theo Band <theo.band at greenpeak.com>

Hugh E Cruickshank wrote:
> From: James Bensley Sent: March 19, 2009 04:13
>> I am trying to be green and put our backup servers to sleep during the
>> day and have them wake on LAN and fire back up at night for our
>> nightly backups as "sleep" is a sort of low power usage mode.
> I can not comment on how to do what your asking but I can see one
> potential problem. If your solution involves booting the backup server
> and during the boot an error is detected in the filesystem check the
> boot process will halt waiting for you to manually correct the problem.
> Of course you can avoid the problem by making your backup scripts on
> the primary server can implement a time limit on the wait for the
> backup server and if the wait times out then skip the backup.
> Someone out there more knowledgeable then I (and there are many<g>) may
> be able to suggest a way to alter the boot to avoid the filesystem
> check (or the halt).
I would not disable the filesystem check at boot. Those checks are
needed. You can lower the frequency of checking using tune2fs (not
needed to check after a certain number of boots if you boot daily). I
think it is good practice to check your backup status on a regular basis
anyway. You would notice a problem with your backup server in this way.