[CentOS] How to add ClamAV to Postfix?

Sat Mar 21 20:52:56 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Xn Nooby wrote:
> Now rpmforge.net is now redirecting me to rpmrepo.org, which has an
> invalid security certificate. Something I should be concerned about?

The redirect is okay, the invalid security certficate isn't, but will be
fixed (someone just needs to install the new certificate).

> I don't think it did that yesterday.

The redirect has been there for a longer time, the SSL certificate has run
out, the new one hasn't been installed yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But: rpmforge packages themselves are signed with the rpmforge gpg key (and
the rpms aren't stored at rpmrepo.org).

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