[CentOS] question about top output

Mon Mar 23 17:11:07 UTC 2009
Greenseid, Joseph M (IS) <Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com>

> Hm, another thing: Have you used the I toggle
> in top (IRIX vs. Sun)?

toggling "I" doesn't give me anything that would explain my confusion.  

I have a few dozen systems with exactly matching hardware and exactly matching OS installations (image based installs).  This one system is the only one that is showing these results -- when toggling the I switch, all the others act the same, while this one still shows anomalous results.

>From what I can see, this one node is running slow.  I don't have any MCE entries or anything to indicate a hardware fault, it just started running slow one day, and I when I was investigating saw the top output and was baffled by it.  

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