[CentOS] How to add ClamAV to Postfix?

Tue Mar 24 06:00:44 UTC 2009
Linux Advocate <linuxhousedn at yahoo.com>

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> > Is there some standard way of adding AV to Postfix?
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> clearly the best way is to add a wrapper program like amavisd-new or
> MailScanner which handles spamassassin and which ever combination of
> anti-virus programs you use.
> The postfix list and primary author, Wietse will tell you flat out not
> to use MailScanner (there's something personal between Wietse and
> Julian, the author of MailScanner) but I found amavisd-new to be a PITA
> and just love MailScanner myself and have never had issues with
> integrating MailScanner into Postfix mail queue.
> rpmforge has clamav/clamdb packages. MailScanner is available from
> http://www.mailscanner.info
> Craig

agreed.  mailscanner is ok.