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Tue Mar 24 16:37:21 UTC 2009
dnk <d.k.emaillists at gmail.com>

> Look there really are 3 tiers for network equipment. The first two
> tiers all give wire speed performance and have managed layer 2 and 3
> options. The last tier is for consumer home use.
> Tier 1 might have high-end Cisco, Juniper or Nortel (and others) that
> have modular enclosures redundant power supplies and heavenly price
> tags. These are typically used in large enterprises that can afford
> them.
> Tier 2 might have Dell Powerconnects and HP Procurves and Cisco 2000
> series products. These are good stable well performing products and
> are gobbled up in heaps by small and medium businesses. These are the
> usual choice for small enterprises and come in managed and unmanaged,
> layer 2 of layer 3, power over Ethernet of not or a combination of
> those.
> Tier 3 contain your Linksys, DLink and Zyxel brand products. They
> basically just get the job done, but might need reset every now and
> then and probably can't run more then 2 ports at a full 1GBe
> simultaneously. They are for home use and are prices as such. Some
> will be better then others and some might be very good, but they are
> not designed for business use and thus shouldn't be used as such.
> -Ross

I had a reseller in here yesterday, and apparently the linksys (higher  
end) lines are being merged into the cisco lines. So the linksys gear  
will just be branded Cisco. I am not sure if this is all linksys gear,  
or just what they cal the higher end stuff. But I am trying to confirm  
from a cisco rep. Wonder how it will effect the above mentioned tiers  
which in general were true.


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