[CentOS] Getting ready for CentOS 5.4

Tue Mar 24 17:18:58 UTC 2009
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 3-24-2009 9:53 AM Karanbir Singh spake the following:
> Morten Torstensen wrote:
>> Can gcc/make be distributed? Could people dedicate their CPU time ala 
>> SETI or folding at home to test builds and compiles? I am not sure where 
>> the bottleneck is, and I know throwing money and manpower does not 
>> always help when it comes to software development :)
> There were a bunch of things that came together at the same time. So yes 
> perhaps more people would have helped here - but that again comes with 
> its own issues. Things that could have also helped are much faster 
> internet links, beefier build systems, access to certain data, more time 
> away from $DayJob, an economy and industry that wasent taking a crap, 
> people not having to work 10 to 12 hrs a day to (a) keep their jobs (b) 
> make up for work that other people who didn't have their jobs anymore 
> left behind. Add salt and spice to taste.

No amount of seasoning would make that taste any better!

> Some of these problems are solvable if they stay stationary. 
> Unfortunately, you will find that none of them are.
> A lot of what CentOS is - directly maps back to the people involved, and 
> the process's being used. Take those away and the idea of centos is 
> becomes irrelevant. And for those who dont care much about either of 
> these two things, there is always an exit route, or a dozen.
> There are about two dozen people involved with the centos 'team', and I 
> am sure each and everyone of us would like to spend more and more time 
> and resources on the project - but there are limits that must be honored.
> Also, were not getting ready for 5.4. were going to be getting ready for 
> 4.8 first, then a CentOS6 Beta and then a 5.4.

And then maybe you can take a breath?

You all are very appreciated. Don't let 10 or 20 (l)users make you think that
the other million or so aren't happy!!  ;-)

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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