[CentOS] Installing on partitionable RAID arrays

Sun Mar 29 09:24:17 UTC 2009
RedShift <redshift at pandora.be>

RedShift wrote:
>>>> Glenn Matthys 
>>> As a follow-up, I found the documentation I wrote how to install CentOS 
>>> without any installer:
>>> # First, setup your disks to your liking. You can use whatever you want 
>>> here,
>> ... snip ...
>>> (PS: I've also attached the documentation as install_centos.txt, but 
>>> mailman will probably strip it)
>> Attachment came through fine for me.  Very interesting - might make a 
>> nice Wiki article, and could be included on a LiveCD as a way of 
>> bootstrapping a CentOS install.
> I'll have a go at that.

You can find the wikipage here: http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/ManualInstall

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