[CentOS] Getting ready for CentOS 5.4

Mon Mar 30 05:17:03 UTC 2009
Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk>

> So what would be the down side to just walking away from everything 
> RH-related now that Ubuntu has a free alternative with long term 
> support?   I thought perhaps when I mentioned it earlier there would be 
> a flurry of responses pointing out functional deficiencies but so far 
> there have been none.   I would never have started using RH in the early 
> days if it had not been freely redistributable.  Now the clones are 
> better than nothing, but it still seems wrong.

Functional deficiencies here we come:

1) No equivalent to kickstart:
    By that I mean, zero support for automated lvm on raid kind of disk 
partitioning in the debian-installer

2) No equivalent to 'rpm -Va' or any 'rpm -V'. No checksumming done on 
packages and their contents.


the rest are all learn how to add automatic iptables on boot sort of 
stuff I guess.

If you move to ubuntu, be prepared for a lot more than just apt-get / 
apt-cache. There is no inittab. You do get to use 'service whatever 
start/stop' though from Intrepid onwards I believe. There is no root 
account by default. You must be prepared for a very different way to the 
Redhat way of doing things.

Christopher - who did the leap from Centos to Ubuntu and is now stuck in 
the Windows quagmire.