[CentOS] Adobe Flash Install Woes

Mon Mar 30 06:12:41 UTC 2009
Mike A. Harris <mharris at mharris.ca>

Zube wrote:
> On Sun Mar 29 09:23:38 AM, Chuck wrote:
>> I am having a hell of a time getting adobe flash to work on a recent 5.2
>> install.
> 32-bit or 64-bit?
> The adobe flash plugin is 32-bit only and won't work with the 64-bit
> local version of Firefox (I could never get it to work anyway).
> On my 64-bit 5.2 machines, I have a separate 32-bit install of firefox in
> /usr/local/firefox (downloaded from the mozilla site) and the plugin
> works fine.

32bit flash works on 64bit firefox just fine.  All you have to do is 
ensure that nspluginwrapper is installed, and 32bit flash is installed, 
then restart firefox.  It should "Just Work(TM)".