[CentOS] need trouble ticket system

Mon Mar 30 16:44:36 UTC 2009
Erick M. <poetadeldemonio at yahoo.es>

Hi, i using 

[root at se~]# yum search otrs
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
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otrs.i386                                2.3.3-01               installed
Matched from:
The Open Ticket Request System (http://otrs.org/) is a web based ticket system.

Feedback: feedback at otrs.org

  Carsten Gross <carsten at siski.de>
  Christian Schoepplein <cs at otrs.de>
  Franz Breu <breu.franz at bogen.net>
  Fred van Dijk <fvandijk at marklin.nl>
  Lars M�LLER <lars at m5r.de>
  Nicolas Goralski <ngoralski at oceanet-technology.com>
  Richard Kammermayer <rk at otrs.de>
  Stefan Rother <sr at otrs.de>
  Thomas Raith <tr at otrs.de>
  Vladimir Gerdjikov <gerdjikov at gerdjikovs.net>
  Martin Edenhofer <me at otrs.de>

  OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System with many features to manage
  customer telephone calls and e-mails. It is distributed under the GNU
  General Public License (GPL) and tested on Linux, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD,
  OpenBSD and Mac OS 10.x. Do you receive many e-mails and want to answer
  them with a team of agents? You're going to love the OTRS!

  Feature list:

    - Agent web interface for viewing and working on all customer requests
    - Admin web interface for changing system things
    - Customer web interface for viewing and sending infos to the agents
    - Webinterface with themes support
    - Multi language support (Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, English,
       Finnish, French, German, Italian and Spanish)
    - customize the output templates (dtl) release independently
    - Webinterface with attachment support
    - easy and logical to use

    - PGP support
    - SMIME support
    - MIME support (attachments)
    - dispatching of incoming email via email addess or x-header
    - autoresponders for customers by incoming emails (per queue)
    - email-notification to the agent by new tickets, follow ups or lock timeouts

    - custom queue view and queue view of all requests
    - Ticket locking
    - Ticket replies (standard responses)
    - Ticket autoresponders per queue
    - Ticket history, evolution of ticket status and actions taken on ticket
    - abaility to add notes (with different note types) to a ticket
    - Ticket zoom feature
    - Tickets can be bounced or forwarded to other email addresses
    - Ticket can be moved to a different queue (this is helpful if emails are
       for a specific subject)
    - Ticket priority
    - Ticket time accounting
    - Ticket merge feature
    - Ticket ACL support
    - content Fulltext search

    - creation and configuration of user accounts, and groups
    - creation of standard responses
    - Signature configuration per queue
    - Salutation configuration per queue
    - email-notification of administrators
    - email-notification sent to problem reporter (by create, locked, deleted,
       moved and closed)
    - submitting update-info (via email or webinterface).
    - deadlines for trouble tickets
    - ASP (activ service providing) support
    - TicketHook free setable like 'Call#', 'MyTicket#', 'Request#' or 'Ticket#'
    - Ticket number format free setable
    - different levels of permissions/access-rights.
    - central database, Support of different SQL databases (e. g. MySQL, PostgeSQL, ...)
    - user authentication agains database or ldap directory
    - easy to develope you own addon's (OTRS API)
    - easy to write different frontends (e. g. X11, console, ...)
    - own package manager (e. g. for application modules like webmail, calendar or
    - a fast and usefull application

from Salvador, 

Erick García

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> On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 3:45 AM,
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I need to implement trouble tracking system,
> GLPI may be worth a look
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