[CentOS] Creating a CentOS Print Server for Windows Clients

Tue Mar 31 01:35:03 UTC 2009
Joseph L. Casale <JCasale at activenetwerx.com>

>The windows driver directory PRINT$ can take a little work to get  
>setup properly, but after it's setup right you install drivers there  
>from a Windows client as if it were any other print server.

Took the long ugly way around this and used the nix commands to import
and assign drivers and its working fine. I am having a bit of an issue
finding good docs on setting up perms for the cups printers exported by
samba now. I assume you still use `lpadmin -p <name> -u allow:user1,user2`
to manage access to the printers now?

If so, man page shows this also works with groups (good) but how do I set
the specific perms such that users can mangle settings like choose a saddle
stitcher (what level of permission is this)?