[CentOS] need trouble ticket system

Tue Mar 31 09:29:16 UTC 2009
Dhaval Thakar <dhaval.thakar at networthdirect.com>

Ray Leventhal wrote:
> Dhaval Thakar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need to implement trouble tracking system,
>> we have 250 users in one premise & 3 desktop support technicians.
>> I need to implement trouble ticket system, where user will enter their
>> application / other issues. Mail will be sent to technician available on
>> duty.
>> trouble ticket will be provided to user & will be given close stat once
>> resolved.
>> Kindly suggest me one such application based on open source.
> There've been a lot of good recommendations on this thread but to my 
> chagrin, osticket wasn't mentioned.
> I've used it with great success and am currently running it for my 
> hosting business (which runs on CentOS).
> http://www.osticket.com
> Its very very robust and stable, with better-than-average community 
> support. 
> Of course, YMMV, but I think you'd do well to at least have a look.  
> Feel free to email me offlist if you'd like to see it in action from the 
> admin side of things.
dear all,

thanks for your valuable response.
I'll go thorough recommended application on test machine.