[CentOS] Replacing my Scalix mail server

Tue Mar 31 16:01:10 UTC 2009
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>>      Qmail is fantastic, have sued for years, but for workgroup, 
>>> calendaring feaures, Zimbra is the way.
>> I have decided to give SME a go. It provides Qmail on Centos 4.7, with 
>> Centos 5.2 in beta.
>> I chose SME because I also have to replace an NT server here as well, so 
>> it makes a good fit.
>> I have a test system working and building the mailserver replacement 
>> system now. Then I will build the NT server replacement.
> Depending on the number of users, a single machine might easily serve 
> both roles (and your internet gateway/firewall too, if you need one).

Not many users, but there are security/privacy issues for the separation.

Also I would NEVER consider running SMB services on a gateway/firewall 
and I need IPv6 support anyway on the gateway/firewall. So far I have 
used Astaro with roll-your-own (Astaro predates the IPv6 /48 
allocation), and I am getting a 'nice' box from a vendor I work with...