[CentOS] installing centos from usb

Tue Mar 31 19:38:18 UTC 2009
Mark Porter <mark.porter at airsetinc.com>


To use kickstart off usb, we just use
linux ks=hd:sde1:/ourkickstart.cfg
(Of course, the "e" will change depending on your drives, on our 10-drive
systems it is 
linux ks=hd:sdk1:/ourkickstart.cfg)

And it works great.  We have NOT yet had any success with putting the CD#1
ISO or the DVD on USB, but we would love to do so, so if anybody knows how,
it would be great to see it here.


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Are there instructions on how to take the actual ISO install image (not 
a live image),
put that iso file on a USB thumbdrive  and install from that instead of DVD?

I would be interested in putting a kickstart file on the USB also. so 
just plug in a USB
and everything installs just the way I want/need.


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