[CentOS] Adding an 'official' CentOS image to the Amazon EC2 (Electronic Compute Cloud)

Jason Aubrey jaubrey at connamara.com
Thu May 7 01:41:15 UTC 2009

I'm starting to use the EC2 cloud (as are others) and noticed that all
the available CentOS images seem to be of dubious origin.
I think it would further the reputation and popularity of CentOS if it
were represented in an official way.

In case people aren't aware, when you create an AWS (Amazon Web
Services) account there's a management console that shows a list of
available images.  Of this list, some are published by Amazon, others
are uploaded anonymously, or you can upload your own.  Given the
dubious nature of an anonymous image and a lack of an Amazon image for
CentOS, I'm left in the third camp - creating/bundling/uploading my
own.  Luckily I have the required 64 bit hardware to generate a 64 bit
image!  Selfishly I'd love to just start up an existing image
published by centos.org but one's not available.

Interestingly one is available from Amazon for both Fedora and Windows.


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