[CentOS] problem with updates

Charles E Campbell Jr charles.e.campbell at nasa.gov
Thu May 7 14:36:02 UTC 2009

Using Centos 5.2 and the "Software Updater/Package Updater/pup", I 
winnowed the problem updates down to six packages:

  1:  Updated file packages available
  2:  Updated gcc43 packages available
  3:  Updated gcc packages available
  4:  Updated pam packages available
  5:  Updated redhat-logos packages available
  6:  Updated redhat-menus packages available

It'd really help if there was a button on pup to deselect all updates 
(and let me click just a few updates back on).

The problem is typically...

Updated file packages available
Component: pirut
Summary: TBe8ae967a sqlitesack.py:94:_read_db_obj:TypeError: 
unsubscriptable object

As a result, /usr/share/gdm/themes/TreeFlower/background.png is missing, 
and so I get an error message about it and the "default" login screen.  
Of course, I don't know what else is missing (for example, those gcc 

Chip Campbell

someday I'll have a good signature, I'm sure of it...

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