[CentOS] OT: Photo Editor to reduce 272 photos to VGA at once

Thu May 7 19:45:31 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Robert Heller wrote:
>> why not post them on a website like picasaweb.google.com (since you
>> mentioned picasa) and then just email the URL ?
>> ...
> Or just install ImageMagicK and use convert and zip in a script:
> #!/bin/sh
> mkdir VGA
> for im in *.jpeg; do 
>   convert $in -geometry 640x480 VGA/$in
> done
> zip BogotaVGA.zip -r VGA

my point was, don't email the files, email a link to them on a photo 
gallery website...   that way the user clicks on the link and can view 
the gallery online, and download the pictures if he wants....  
if you mail a zip file, the user has to save the zip file, unzip it 
somewhere, then find and run a local picture viewer against the 
generated folder.

I suggested picasa because the original poster mentioned it, Picasa will 
post a gallery to your (free up to 1GB) account on the picasaweb server 
with a single click of the album "sync' button...