[CentOS] adding SAN "diskspace" to CentOS system residing on VMware

Flaherty, Patrick pflaherty at wsi.com
Mon Nov 2 15:15:53 UTC 2009

If you are a good little doobie, check with your san admin to see if you
need to change your starting block alignment. If he looks at you funny,
take everything the man says to you with a grain of salt for the rest of
your life. 



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> Hey, group,
> I've got a system installed on a VMware VM.  The SAN 
> administrator allocated me more disk space from the (EMC) SAN 
> and I need ultimately to create another partition to mount on 
> the filesystem.  Two (initial) questions about this:
> What steps do I need to take prior to creating a new 
> partition with fdisk?  (The SAN space, BTW, is connected 
> through VMware.)
> The OS is already residing on a logical volume.  Is there any 
> compelling reason to bringing the new partition into lvm 
> (aside from the ease of resizing it... something I don't 
> anticipate us doing)?  Or should I simply create an ext3 
> partition and mount that?
> Thanks much.
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