[CentOS] nm-applet with wlan0 in CentOS 5.4

Bernard Lheureux bernard.lheureux at bbsoft4.org
Mon Nov 2 15:28:24 UTC 2009

Fabian Arrotin wrote:
Hi Fabian ;-)
The log says NOTHING... of course ,I tried to find somethin in it but
NOTHING is told avbout this error...
But the network works without problem, only an error sign is shown on
the nm-applet icon and I cannot see network traffic though it...
It's like if nm-applet could not see my wlan0, if i use ipw3945 and then
have my wireless interface on eth1, I have no problem, but with iwl3945
and nm-applet, it doesn't seem to work totally...
> Bernard Lheureux wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I would like to find a soluce fo a very annoying problem I have since
>> I've installed CentOS 5 on my Lenovo R60 Laptop...
>> Everything works correctly excepted a small thing, the nm-applet of
>> NetworkManager-gnome always report my wlan0 in error status, even when
>> my wifi network is connected correctly and working without problem...
>> It behaves as if wlanx intefaces were not recognized by nm-applet...
>> How can I solve this ?
>> PS: every packages of this machie are up-tu-date in CentOS 5.4
>> Thanks for your help
> Hi Bernard,
> Strange as i had myself a R60 (as you know it ;-) ) and never had this 
> issue. I was really happy that it didn't need anymore the ipw3945d 
> daemon and was using iwlagn kernel module / iwl3945-firmware instead.
> What does the log say about that 'error' ?

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