[CentOS] Zimbra help?

David Suhendrik david at pnyet.web.id
Tue Nov 3 09:01:51 UTC 2009

Check sendmail or other mta service's and shutdowk / kill process... 



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On Mon, Nov 02, 2009, ML wrote: 
>Hi All, 

>Is anyone versed in Zimbra? I have most things working except some MTA 
>issue. I tried posting on the Zimbra forums after reading the docs, but my 
>post was labeled as SPAM and the moderators have not replied to my private 
>message to get my post reviewed. Who uses this type of method for getting 
>help anyway? Aren't the days of Bulletin Board BBS's gone? 


>I installed ZCS for the first time today. Most things are running except I 
>cannot send or receive mail. I get MTA errors. I assume that it is not 
>running. When I send I get unable to connect to MTA. 

>How do I diagnose the issue? 

The ``already in use'' message below probably means that you have 
the sendmail or some other MTA already running on the system 
which needs to be disabled. 

It's been a while since I looked at Zimbra, but I do know it 
wants to take over the system, using it's own MTA (Postfix), 
OpenLdap, MySQL, and IMAP so these must be disabled. 

>in /var/log/zimbra.log: 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9282]: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9289]: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix- 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9290]: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix- 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9291]: warning: not owned by root: /opt/zimbra/postfix- 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9294]: warning: not owned by postfix: /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/./spool/maildrop/E18EC1C1048D 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9295]: warning: not owned by postfix: /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/./spool/pid/master.pid 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/postfix-script[9308]: starting the Postfix mail system 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie postfix/master[9309]: fatal: bind port 25: Address already in use 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie saslauthd[9316]: detach_tty      : master pid is: 9316 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie saslauthd[9316]: ipc_init        : listening on socket: /opt/zimbra/cyrus-sasl- 
>Nov  2 17:57:28 indie zimbramon[2574]: 2574:info: Starting stats via zmcontrol 
>Nov  2 17:57:59 indie zmmailboxdmgr[10822]: status requested   
>Nov  2 17:57:59 indie zmmailboxdmgr[10822]: status OK 
>Nov  2 17:57:59 indie zmmailboxdmgr[10894]: status requested   
>Nov  2 17:57:59 indie zmmailboxdmgr[10894]: status OK 
>Nov  3 01:58:00 indie postfix/postqueue[10943]: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down 
>Nov  2 17:58:09 indie zmmailboxdmgr[11484]: status requested 
>Nov  2 17:58:09 indie zmmailboxdmgr[11484]: status OK 
>I have not done anything with Postfix at all....U am sure it is the Fatal Bind message above, do I need to configure Postfix? I thought Zimbra did that on install? 
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