[CentOS] Server packet loss and becomes unresponsive

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Tue Nov 3 11:03:09 UTC 2009



Does "ifconfig" or "dmesg" show any errors?   If the answer to those is
no, I'd start running sar to see if there is abnormal behavior which could
indicate a hardware problem.   Of course, another possibility is a
DDOS.  Do you have any kind security monitoring or protection in place? 


 Geoff Galitz 
 Blankenheim, Germany 

 On Tue 03/11/09 04:38 , "Timothy"
timmysql at progressivemarketingnetwork.com sent:
  I am at a lost with this server of mine.

 I have replaced everything except just replacing the entire server. The
 server is running at a low load but every so often it starts to have high
 packet loss / latency(the average ms for me is 80 but it jumps to 4000
 during this period) and eventually becomes unresponsive.

 All traffic seems normal, no unusual activity. But once or twice a month
 starts to get packet loss and after an hour or two it crashes.

 The network itself is fine. All other servers on the same subnet work

 Any ideas what could be causing this kind of behavior?



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