[CentOS] user management solution needed

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Wed Nov 4 21:32:40 UTC 2009

> Craig White wrote:
>> At that point, using OpenLDAP or CentOS-DS or Fedora-DS is more or less
>> a matter of implementation details and utility. None of them are better
>> than the other for most purposes and even things like the consoles in
>> Fedora-DS aren't going to make it any easier for you to use LDAP if you
>> don't understand how it works. In short, there really aren't decent
>> shortcuts to using LDAP if you don't care to actually understand how and
>> why it works.
> I think the standards bodies have failed us badly on this front.  People
> don't want to understand LDAP any more than they want to understand the
> bits in a TCP packet header.   They just want systems to interoperate.
I agree, here. When I'm at work, and tasked with installing something
that's new to me, or to all of us, I don't want to have to read a whole
book; that's for after it's installed, and so I can tweak it. I expect, if
it's released, and esp. if it's > version 1.0.0, to be able to simply
install the rpm or tarfile; at most, ./configure, make, make install, and
to find tools that will work in a manner that I'd expect from std. *Nix

Even Spacewalk - and ya'll know how I feel about *that* - during the
install, asks questions, so it can configure (at least partly) itself.


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