[CentOS] user management solution needed

Kwan Lowe kwan.lowe at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 22:14:22 UTC 2009

> In my extremely limited experience with LDAP, it seem that the problem
> is not "LDAP" itself, but how to structure it.  Most howtos walk you
> through installing whatever software, and then say "OK, now you have
> LDAP!"


> The problem is that LDAP is useless without a structure and data
> inside of it.  You are usually left with a blank canvas after the
> install is complete.  It's a very daunting task to start sticking
> things in there without any guidance on the best way to structure it,
> especially since this is supposed you be the be-all end-all directory
> of everything and anything you do wrong now you need to live with for
> your entire life.

Yes, this is a problem if you have a very large organization with LDAP
needs that go beyond the simple authentication and phone/email stores.
My needs are relatively minor though. I need central authentication
for anywhere from 10 to 100 servers and the ability to control logins
and monitor logins from one location. Using RedHat/FedoraDS in close
to the default configuration works wonderfully for these environments.

> One argument is that everyone has different requirements, but there's
> got to be some kind of reasonable default that could be used for
> setting up something like distributed password auth.  As you mention,
> Active Directory does this, and maybe a structure like that is a
> reasonable default to recommend/include for people who don't need to
> fully architect a directory structure for a global company.

Please do take a look at the RedHat DS offering (now the 389 project).
It's *extremely* simple to configure as an authentication server with
replication. You can configure the server/replication in under an

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