[CentOS] Spacewalk or Puppet?

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Nov 5 13:37:15 UTC 2009

Christoph Maser wrote:

> I work in a java shop and I really thik you both are wrong. We do some
> pretty amazing things with it and openjdk in centos (wich I think you
> were relating to) is working quite well for us.

For me it's never been an issue, I've been in java shops since
pre RHEL, and we've always installed 3rd party jdks, it's not
that hard they come in RPM format, at least Sun JDK and BEA
Jrockit. It's by no means the only 3rd party RPM that we use.

Short of those dropping off the face of the planet myself I have
no reason to try anything else.


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