[CentOS] [users] Re: screwed up dependencies

Steve Huff shuff at vecna.org
Fri Nov 6 14:22:52 UTC 2009

ken wrote:
> Subsequent to trying to "yum update"-- it failed--, I tried to resolve
> the dependencies piecemeal:
> # yum update faad2
> ....
> --> Processing Dependency: libfaad.so.0 for package: ffmpeg
> ---> Package faad2.i386 0:2.7-1.el5.rf set to be updated
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> ffmpeg-0.5-2.el5.rf.i386 from installed has depsolving problems
>  --> Missing Dependency: libfaad.so.0 is needed by package
> ffmpeg-0.5-2.el5.rf.i386 (installed)
> Error: Missing Dependency: libfaad.so.0 is needed by package
> ffmpeg-0.5-2.el5.rf.i386 (installed)
> ....
> # rpm -q ffmpeg
> ffmpeg-0.5-2.el5.rf
> Could it be that there's a packaging error in faad2 ?

the yum output tells you exactly what is going on here.

ffmpeg needs the file libfaad.so.0.

$ yumdownloader -q faad2
| 354 kB     00:00
$ rpm -qlp --provides ./faad2-2.7-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm  | grep libfaad.so

the updated faad2 package does not provide libfaad.so.0; it provides  
libfaad.so.2, and thus it is not compatible with the installed ffmpeg  
package.  your choices are essentially as follows:

* if you need the updated faad2 for some other reason, uninstall ffmpeg
* if you don't need the updated faad2, add faad2 to your exclusion  
list for yum so that you don't keep seeing messages about it
* request a rebuild of ffmpeg against the updated faad2


p.s. please keep further discussion of this issue on <users at lists.rpmforge.net 
 >, where it belongs :)

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