[CentOS] 2 TB limit on a samba share

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Fri Nov 6 15:10:32 UTC 2009

Steve Campbell wrote:
> When doing a df, the result shows 2 TB, and no used blocks. Is there
> some setting I can change so that Centos sees and uses all 2.7 TB or
> does Centos 3 not support this?

You often don't need to be concerned about the amount of space
being reported by a network file system, it could be a limitation in
the client driver itself. Usually what happens when the client thinks it
is full is it just says so via df but still can send data because the
file system really isn't full.

My NAS cluster actually has an option to "fake" what it reports to
clients as how large the volume is for reasons similar to this.

What I would suggest is assuming the LS is empty, fill it up and
see what happens.


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