[CentOS] [Samba] Accessing Windows file-system from Linux samba server

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Fri Nov 6 17:30:35 UTC 2009

Craig White wrote:

> no matter how many lists you ask or how many different ways you want to
> keep asking the question, your problem is always Windows permissions are
> blocking you. This is not a Linux question. If you don't have
> permissions to mount a share or descend into a subdirectory, your
> problem lies with Windows permissions.

Well, I didn't know originally if it was a Linux or Windows problem.
I have now come to the same conclusion as you, that it is a Windows problem.

The reason I suspected Linux was that BackupPC used to work perfectly
backing up this Windows XP machine, but then ceased to,
although I did not remember making any big change on the Windows machine
(which I don't actually use), whereas of course
I have made a billion updates on the CentOS machine.

But I think I may be mistaken; I suspect that it stopped working
when I installed SP3 (which I had forgotten about).

Anyway BackupPC is now working fine again on the Windows machine.

As to your suggestion that I asked the question on too many lists,
there were only 3: this list (as my samba server is running under CentOS),
the Fedora list because I have found that one is more likely
to get helpful responses there than anywhere else,
and the samba list because it was a Samba problem.

> There's no guarantee that even if you are the
> administrator that you can access a share, folder or file. Windows has a
> fairly sophisticated ACL system and you would probably be better served
> learning it than asking so many lists the same questions.

Well, I did actually get the vital information after asking the question
several times - File and Folder ownership was not showing up.
The solution was:
IF you don't see a Security tab, go to Start->My Computer, then click
Tools->Folder Options in the top of the resultant dialog box.  Click the
"View" tab, scroll to the bottom of the "Advanced Settings", and turn
off "Use simple file sharing".

I did actually google briefly for "NTFS Permissions" but decided
life was too short to get into what seemed an absurdly complicated issue.

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