[CentOS] my cpanel can not shows up after running 'latest'.

Ricky Tompu Breaky ricky.breaky at uni.de
Sat Nov 7 03:33:04 UTC 2009

Dear my friends...

I am still new in CentOS. I use CentOS 5 for my new server with cpanel.

I have installed the cpanel. The steps were:
1. cd /tmp
2. wget http://layer1.cpanel.net/latest
3. sh latest

The installation show a message that the cpanel installation
was completed.

But I can not see the cpanel login form on my server,

I thought it was just caused by my firewall so I open the ports with
this way:
1. setup;
2. I chose the 'firewall menu';
3. Allow incoming: ssh, www(http), secure www(https), telnet, samba,
nfs4, ftp, mail, pop3:tcp infowave:tcp radsec:tcp gnunet:tcp eli:tcp
sep:tcp nbx-ser:tcp nbx-dir:tcp .
But opening the tcp ports does not make any change at all.

Please tell me where my mistake.

Thank you very much.

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