[CentOS] Centos HP Pavilion box

mark m.roth at 5-cent.us
Sun Nov 8 16:44:01 UTC 2009

Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> On Sat, 07 Nov 2009 11:33:08 -0500, mark wrote:
>> Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
>>> Has anyone put Centos 5.4 (or ant version on aHP Pavilion box? I'm
>>> having some problems.  For example, I can't get my Dell E198WFPV
>>> 1440x900 monitor to work correctly.
>> What's the video card?
> Video card: NVIDA C73 [GeForce: 7100/ nForce 630i]

Find another nvidia driver, one that supports *that* card. On the machine I use 
at work, I've got an older nVidia card (I want to say an 1100), and I found a 
driver (<somethingorother>.173<something>), and that supports twinview for two 
monitors. A month, month and a half ago, another admin upgraded my system, and 
I either rebooted, or something, and lost twinview, and spent an hour getting 
rid of the new driver (18?), reinstalling the old driver, and then 
reconfiguring X back to what I wanted....

> When I go to: Administration -> Display -> Settings
> and select 1440x900, it changes it to 1280x1024.

Look for an *explicit* nVidia display control somewhere in your administration 
menu. The default won't do it right.
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