[CentOS] Some basic LVM questions

Eduardo Grosclaude eduardo.grosclaude at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 19:53:09 UTC 2009

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 4:44 PM, Monte Milanuk <memilanuk at gmail.com> wrote:

> M. Hamzah Khan wrote:
> > With both drives in one big volume group, failure of one drive will
> > (most likely) cause both the OS and data to be lost.
> >
> There in lies some of my confusion with this subject; correct me if I'm
> wrong in my understanding here: with LVM, I can keep adding more drives
> to a 'pool' and expand the size of the 'volume' that the OS sees
> available to it... but if any drive in that volume fails, I'd probably
> lose everything stored in that volume?!?  Sounds like a somewhat risky
> business to me, unless you *really* needed a storage volume that big
> that you had to span multiple drives to do so.

You are right. LVM sort of factors out the disk reliability issue. That's
why you should consider to allow volumes that span across disks on RAIDed-1
disks only.

Eduardo Grosclaude
Universidad Nacional del Comahue
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