[CentOS] GUID Partition Tables and Ext3 Partition Size

Phil Manuel phil at zomojo.com
Mon Nov 9 04:56:13 UTC 2009

This might help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table

We certainly have a GPT partition of 15Tb but I know it can go much larger.


Manish Kathuria wrote:
> Hello,
> Does CentOS 5.4 support large ( > 2 TB) external storage devices using
> GPT (GUID Partition Tables), while the main OS resides on smaller hard
> disks using MBR. In this scenario, what can be the largest possible
> size of an ext3 partition (and filesystem) which can be created on the
> storage array under CentOS 5.4 ?
> Thanks,
> Manish
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