[CentOS] SELinux and KVM

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Mon Nov 9 17:36:56 UTC 2009

> - qemu is not part of CentOS, you probably got it from rpmforge.
> - that means you do not need qemu for KVM usage
> - SELinux cannot know about it
> - there's probably a different preferred way to use KVM on CentOS

>From a recent mail in this list:

> Well, it turns out that qemu is required and kvm-qemu-img was the
> source of the problem.  Removing this and installing qemu instead
> fixed the problem.

Actually I did the other way round:
yum remove qemu (which is in the extras repo)
yum install -x qemu kvm (excluding qemu and thus kvm-qemu-img will be taken)

=> make sure you have 'kvm-qemu-img' installed and not 'qemu',
according to Kai's comment above, this may help you

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